response to coal-fired power

Young Coal for Generating Electricity
August 18, 2002
INDONESIA including countries with the largest source of coal mines in the world. Estimated 36.3 billion tons of reserves. Only 50-85 percent of low quality. This is seen from the combustion of low calorific value and sulfur content and the water is high. Therefore, lignite coal is also known as lignite or brown coal is not economically exploited as an energy source BBM.if is brought to a location remote from the mine, then the cost of transportation becomes expensive. Because the actual freight charges incurred to bring water and ash which will be discarded in the process of coal utilization. When burned, a lot of wasted energy to evaporate water, while the value obtained by the relatively low calorie. In addition, high sulfur content which would be a pollutant gas. Therefore required additional costs to reduce emissions of sulfur gas. However, fuel was cheaper than gasoline. When using diesel or Diesel Power Plant (PLTD), electricity prices reach Rp 500 per kWh. With coal, generating cost only about USD 50 per kWH. Will thereby save the cost of approximately Rp 30 billion per year.


My response:
I think coal-fired power plants can be used if it can benefit us all, let alone the price is cheaper than using diesel or diesel. But we must also try to find other ways to make electricity. because of coal when used repeatedly, the coal will be exhausted But I also agree that it’s better if PLTBB made in the mining sector because it uses low cost and which should be considered is the effect, because the effect is to produce pollutant gases.


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