Each time with family especially mother is very meaningful, because unity is needed to build and strengthen kinship. especially mothers. Because the mother is someone who has given birth to, raise, and educate us.
Here I want to tell you the memories that will not be forgotten, despite the many memories that will not be forgotten between me and my mom, but I will try to notify one of the memories that I thought was a memory that will not be forgotten for me personally
Memory occur during Eid al-Fitr, because by then many activities undertaken by me and my family including my mother, the first activity is to perform Eid prayer at the mosque which is not too far from our home,
The next activity of forgiveness to all family members, relatives, and neighbors nearby. and the last is for recreational activity to one of the places and sights in Jakarta, where our family together to eliminate the boredom of their jobs each
But memories will not be forgotten is that when I’m sorry activity at Idul Fitri to my mother, which is an annual event that will surely continue to happen, although you may think this is normal, but I think this is an activity that would not be impressed forgotten forever, because at this event I can apologize sincerely and I had a great time to be able to talk with a short distance, so that this activity memories that I consider to be the memories that really will not be forgotten with “MOM”


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