The most ideal menthod in learning english on classroom

Learning method is very instrumental in teaching and learning activities as learning methods to determine how the end of the learning process Itself Because if the method is not attractive it will from have an impact on Learners WHO Would feel uncomfortable or boring, so a student note Cans Can’t understand or absorb all the material That Is being described by a teacher
Especially if it is a rather Difficult subject and requires full concentration, Such subjects as Home, Because As We all know That in our country is still rare to have someone using language Communicate with WHO would seem so Difficult for a teacher to teach language
Here are the teaching methods That I think is interesting and Quite effective
Nature friendly
A teacher Should Be Able to try to be a friend to his students with a sense That a teacher Cans understand what is desired by the students so a student That Would dare to try to ask if he feels less understanding of the material That has been delivered , but That does not mean a teacher does not need to be Respected
Do not be too serious
In the process of teaching-the teaching and delivery of material must not create a tense atmosphere but Should Be Able to Create a Harmonious atmosphere possible by inserting the words are funny in Selah Selah-time delivery of content
Do not be so humorous
in delivering materials do not get too serious and tense, but Should Be Slightly relaxed in delivering the materials, but do not be too relaxed Because if too relaxed Earnest result in students be not serious and eventually the material presented Cans not be absorbed by the students and there will of That wasted your Business
Hold a training or teaching by using media attract That
In the teaching-learning process try to use the media with unique or interesting in order to make students changed from Interested in participating in the learning process, an example using electronic media Such as television or radio on. and in the delivery of content not only through words but try to use existing music in the electronic media
A little getting Used to invite Communicate with english language
At the time of teaching and learning process Should use language from the language of morning greeting and a farewell speech During the process of teaching and learning, as well as in delivering the material ought to use Home to make Learners changed from ready to be Able to Communicate with english language but in the delivery of Such material Should not use Home One Hundred percent but must be repeated with  Indonesian  language on the words That are Considered Diff


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