Learning is difficult to implement, both easy to learn lessons the hard lessons, especially if it is a lesson we do not like such as English lessons, because it is a lesson that uses language that is rarely used by people who exist in Indonesia.
Here I will try to share tips that I think is effective enough to try on all subjects, especially English language lessons

Like lessons english language
The first step is to try to love learning English because we liked our English lessons will be slightly intend to control or becoming interested in learning English.
Familiarize yourself speak the english language
In these tips is that we try to get used to speaking the English language is a little in daily life such as getting used to say “good morning”, “how are you” and so forth.
• Liked the songs speak english language
As we know that man is really like with music, because music is a thing that can be entertaining, and without us knowing that we listen to the words that speak english which is rare to come across with so will arise the desire to seek the meaning of these words with the underlying by curiosity
• Often open dictionary
The purpose of the dictionary is often open to read the words in the dictionary to add our English vocabulary with a habit of memorizing at least 2 (two) words per day

• Create additional study groups or learning english language
With the study group we can share knowledge or to ask about the words that we do not understand with friends learn



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